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CHRONOS album cover
USA Vinyl Order / Digital EU Vinyl Order (via Juno Records)

With their debut album „Chronos“ Berlin based trio AUSKLANG is presenting a perfect blend of ambient and post-rock music. It’s an album that traces all the veins of rock, from a grandiose ensemble sound of a cinematic soundtrack to the delicate natures of ambient soundscapes. Each song has its own pulse and signature, giving a new feeling each time.

„Chronos“ is a reflection on our perception of time. Time is both guiding and limiting us. Music is a time-based art with clear structures yet holds the power to transmit a feeling of timelessness.

AUSKLANG is trying to create that feeling with layers of reverberating guitars and warm synth pads hovering over solid drums. The songs are taken from long sessions of improvisation and were later re-arranged and enhanced by additional tracks of piano, french horn and tape recordings.

Fabian Koppri - guitar, synth, piano
Simon Ansing - bass, synth, piano
Benjamin Sohn - drums, tape piano

French Horn on “Aufbruch” by Morris Kliphuis

Recorded at Studioboerne45, Berlin
Produced, mixed and mastered by Fabian Koppri
Co-Producer: Phillip Christian Chavez

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